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Introduction to BsP's 5-day Sermon Prep Process


Live Lunch-hour Lectio 

  • Begin thinking about this week's Scripture early in the week with Live Lunch-Hour Lectio. Pray through and discuss this week's gospel passage from the lectionary every Monday at noon CST (live on Facebook).

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    • Ask questions and join the conversation with BsP's founder and other preachers

    • Sessions are recorded, so you can listen to the discussion at your convenience

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Photo by G. Crescoli on Unsplash

Guides to Pressing Preaching Concerns

Reference these collections of wisdom from respected preachers and theologians next time you face a difficult preaching decision:

Reflections on Preaching Current Events: The Bible & the Newspaper: With the increasing barrage of "breaking" headlines occupying the national discourse, how do you decide whether to reference current events in your sermon? And if you do, how do you do so constructively? 

Your Story: Does it Belong in the Pulpit?: When, if ever, is it appropriate to use a personal story in the pulpit? And if you discern that yours is the best story for the sermon, how do you avoid the pitfalls of using yourself in a sermon illustration? 

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I have to thank you for this week’s blog post, “Keep them on the Edge of their Seats.” I went through the steps and questions you outlined...[and] realized the sermon had practically written itself...I give thanks to God that I found your website.
— The Rev. Victoria Geer McGrath


Additional Resources

BsP offers additional resources for those looking to dive deeper or work on their preaching with the support of a mentor:












More INformation:

Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday: a 117-page e-course with exercises, worksheets, templates, and summaries to help you transform your entire preaching outlook and sermon prep process. A practical guide built on a foundation of spiritual truth. Read what others have to say here: Wow!

The Collective: An online preaching community dedicated to growth and collaboration. Weekly sermon prep, monthly speakers, seasonal planning sessions, and ongoing support—all online so you can participate from anywhere.

Sermon Camp: We offer 1-week or 7-week online sermon camps throughout the year. Based on Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday and led by a mentor teacher, you'll join preaching colleagues online for live teaching and support sessions—and then implement what you learn independently. 

Backstory Preaching's Mentorship: A year-long intensive mentorship with spiritual direction, group discussions, peer appraisals, and independent study to help you refine your skills and understand your backstory in the context of your call to preaching.

Get started with the support and community you've been looking for in The Collective.


We believe good preaching begins with the preacher’s experience of God, grows in community with guidance and support, and ends with a sermon offered in humility, faith, and love.

We hope you'll join us.

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