"WOW!": How to Enter the Fall with Renewed Energy for Preaching

Dear Lisa,

I have finally had a chance to take Backstory's online course [Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday] and all I can say is WOW. I cannot tell you how much it helped me prepare and write my sermon last week.

I did each step as written and allowed it to guide my process Monday - Friday last week. I was more relaxed than I have ever been on a Thursday! I was prayerful, excited about all the ideas that percolated throughout the week, and felt I crafted a good sermon that was focused on a belief statement and a statement of hope that my congregation could absolutely relate to.

I will be using this system every week until it becomes habit. So excited! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Blessings and prayers for your continued IMPORTANT ministry. 

Charla Belinski

I was delighted to receive Charla's message in my inbox. Her comments were added to the growing list I've received from those who've written to tell me how Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday has changed their process and attitude towards preaching.

What does this course do?

Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday is helping preachers:

  • get clear about their sermon message in less time
  • manage the true time needed to prepare their sermons
  • create a prep schedule and environment that facilitates deep engagement in the process
  • approach preaching prep as respite instead of chore
  • find God in the midst of sermon prep
  • reclaim the importance of personal prayer as part of their prep
  • offer a sermon they truly believe
  • invite transformation in their listeners

    Summer is a great time to reconsider your sermon prep

    With fewer routine meetings and scheduled events, these last several weeks before the program year begins is the perfect time to revitalize your preaching life and craft.

    By investing time and energy now to consider your sermon prep process, your strategies for exegesis, and your own spiritual practices, you have the opportunity to transform your preaching experience the rest of the year.

    Complete this course over the next few weeks, and enter the fall with a more efficient and enjoyable process you can count on to renew your spirit as well as your preaching.

    Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday has seven lessons. You can complete one each week, or choose the timeframe that suits you best.

    Lessons from the course include:

    • Mindset and the Obstacles of Perfectionism
    • Sermon Prep "Practices"
    • Lectio Divina for Sermon Prep
    • Writing Your Sermon: Craft Tips You Can Apply Today
    • and more!


      Get your copy by July 18th, and you'll receive a BONUS: 4 sermon prep schedule templates, including:

      • a "textbook" 5-day schedule to prep your sermon a little each day
      • a 4-day prep schedule
      • a 2-day schedule for weeks short on time
      • and finally, a schedule for the crazy weeks—the ones where the week falls apart with a wedding AND a funeral to preach in addition to Sunday's sermon

      Do yourself a favor and make your sermon prep more efficient, joyful, and spiritual.

      I hope you'll say "WOW!" too.

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