Craft An Effective Sermon By Friday

No more copy-and-paste sentences or stale messages. This downloadable eCourse teaches you effective  techniques you can apply immediately to craft soul-filled sermons that serve your audience. Learn how to protect your time, choose a message, and master your writing style. Study, draft, and deliver a passionate sermon this Sunday and every Sunday.








Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday Bundle: 5-Day Accelerated Video Roadmap for Preachers

Get the original eCourse plus a quick-start video guide to our 5-day process. A great introduction to BsP's foundational concepts, learn the weekly process and essential principles of Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday in just 10 minutes a day so you can implement the process this week. Then refine your new skills as you dive deeper into the eCourse at your own pace.





Fall SERMON Camp

Based on our popular Bootcamps and our eCourse Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday, this virtual camp begins with a one-week, accelerated introduction to our 5-day process and continues with weekly check-ins for seven weeks thereafter. Alongside a small group of participants, you'll work with a coach to apply BsP's guiding principles to your work. By the end, you'll have established a new process that integrates your spirituality and preaching while improving your skills.

Join Fall Camp, and become a more effective preacher. 

  • Meets weekly for one hour, October 12th-November 30th (excluding Thanksgiving). 


I believe Backstory Preaching can do nothing but make you a better preacher. Not just in style but in content. It integrates the fact-gathering and spiritual practice that preaching really is.

Preaching Through Uncertain Times

Transitions and crisis impact the needs of our listeners. How do we preach effectively through these times of change? In this self-led video e-course, you'll learn:

  • the principles of change theory and how they apply to your listeners
  • how to use your role as preacher to lead and guide
  • how to integrate your own spirituality to discover the Good News for yourself and your congregation in the midst of uncertainty and stress.

"I was so grateful to have this program come along at just the right moment when the world seems more uncertain then ever. These practical tips, useful insights, and a reminder to attend to self care were very helpful." -Hillary

preacher reading bible

When I stumbled upon your work, I thought, finally someone who gets how tough this preaching thing can be!


Backstory preaching Mentorship

Backstory Preaching is an intimate, intensive mentorship, accepting only 12 applicants for each session. Experience one-to-one mentoring, master classes, materials and methods created exclusively for Backstory Preaching, and collaborate with other dedicated preachers, all online.


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