The Backstory Preaching Mentorship

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Backstory Preaching Mentorship Program to become more effective preachers

August 1st, 2019, to May 31st, 2020

Tackle the Blank Page.

Get people talking about your sermons.

Feel renewed by your sermon prep.

& Finish by Friday.


I am not a big enough sponge to absorb all of what she is teaching me.


Our online, intensive mentorship has a dual focus to help you be good news so you can preach good news.


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You’ll dive deep into your identity as a Christian — your backstory. Your backstory is made mostly of ordinary moments of extraordinary love from God. Without cultivating awareness of that love, preaching can feel like another item on the ministry chore list.

  • Explore your experience of the gospel.

  • Examine the mindsets that help and hinder your preaching.

  • Identify places where fear and shame are holding you back.

  • Discover the transformative benefits of cultivating wonder, joy, and curiosity as you engage Scripture.



You’ll also practice the craft of preaching using both original techniques and tried-and-true methods.  

  • Learn how to find a dozen ideas from a single passage of Scripture

  • Apply new writing strategies to enhance your message

  • Bring attention to small tweaks to strengthen your speaking skills.

  • Collaborate with skilled preachers in master classes.

  • Give and receive constructive feedback to make sermons stronger.

Most importantly, learn how to prepare and preach effectively every week with less stress and more joy so you can “Be Good News to Preach Good News.”


The result? Deeper faith and a new foundation that will strengthen the rest of your preaching vocation.


Anyone would benefit from experiencing this class...It gives spiritual direction while also helping improve and lighten the burden of preaching for the sake of the preacher’s overall ministry.
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Backstory Preaching’s Mentorship is for...

  • Any ordained or lay preacher, whether a new grad or a veteran with many years of experience

  • Bishops, priests, pastors, and deacons who want to strengthen the craft of writing and delivering sermons

  • Bi-vocational clergy longing to preach clear, engaging, and effective messages

  • Clergy members who want to illuminate the connection between spirituality and preaching

  • Anglican, Mainline Protestant, and Roman Catholic preachers.

Course Includes:

  • Ten months of personalized and group mentoring beginning August 5, 2019 and running through May.

  • Membership in The Collective+ for duration of Mentorship.

  • One-to-one mentor sessions

  • Master classes with leaders in the field

  • Small group, online collaboration

  • Appraisals of every sermon you record and upload

  • Materials integrated to help you develop your perspective and voice

  • Option to attain the designation of “Backstory Preacher”


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