The Collective

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An online community for preachers dedicated to growth & collaboration. 

It worked!!! My listeners were connected (it was obvious) and then they gave positive feedback. Week one—amazing improvement in the preaching!
— Kelly A.

The place for Inspiration, Planning, & Growth


You don't have to work in isolation.

You don't have to preach in a void of feedback, instruction, or inspiration.

You can become more effective, more efficient, and more fulfilled in your vocation.

And you can do it from anywhere. 


Join Backstory Preaching's online Collective—and become part of a community of preachers consistently improving their craft and process. 

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The Collective

Write your sermons with more joy and less stress. 

Benefits of The Collective:

  • Finish your sermon early each week with the support and feedback you need to feel confident in your message

  • Discover a more efficient and effective sermon prep process so you can reclaim your downtime

  • Meet like-minded colleagues and participate in a collaborative, inspiring community

  • Rediscover the joy of preaching


The Collective +

Take your preaching to the next level.

Includes ALL benefits of The Collective, PLUS:

  • Get high quality continuing ed. delivered at your convenience with the support you need to apply new skills

  • Learn from and interact with the professionals you want to meet

  • Begin each lectionary season prepared with the lectionary story arc and a clear sermon plan


Guest Speakers Coming to The Collective+ in 2019!

Sam Wells (St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London)

Peter Wallace (Day1)

Karoline Lewis (Luther Seminary and Working Preacher)

Mark Jefferson (Virginia Theological Seminary)

Lisa Thompson (Union Theological Seminary)

Luke Powery (Duke Divinity School)

Backstory Preaching and working with the BsP Collective has been the one practice for sermon preparation that has fed me spiritually. In over 11 years of ordained ministry, this has been the only preaching practice that I’ve found effective.
— Candyce L.

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The Collective's features include:

  • Membership in the BsP Collective Facebook group

  • Weekly "Heart of the Message" live, online workshops to define your sermon message for that week

  • Monthly 360 sermon appraisal master classes, held live online

  • Support to integrate BsP's 5-day sermon prep process into your weekly routine

  • Creativity exercises to inspire new approaches to writing your sermon

  • BsP's Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday 5-day video course (full CESF PDF sold separately)

  • BsP's "Heart of the Message" grid to help you clearly define your sermon each week

  • Christmas Sermon Bootcamp to help you write an effective sermon in the company of colleagues and under the guidance of a mentor during one of the busiest weeks of the year

  • 10% discount on all BsP courses and coaching

  • A reference collection of effective sermons



The Collective+ includes ALL features of The Collective, PLUS:

  • Monthly, online workshops and Q&A with preaching professors, authors, and thinkers in related fields to help you become more effective in the pulpit.

  • Prompts and discussion to help you integrate new knowledge and skills into your preaching life so you keep growing

  • 3 additional sermon bootcamps/year (Holy Week, Easter, and Stewardship)

  • BsP's downloadable Preacher's Planner (made available ahead of each church season, Advent through Pentecost)

  • 5 guided, seasonal sermon-planning sessions: plan ahead for the next lectionary and liturgical season

  • A library of recordings from all guest speakers

  • A reference collection of effective sermons with commentary on why they're effective so you can employ those strategies in your own preaching



Valued at over $3000/year

Access all benefits of The Collective for just




Valued at over $5000/year

Access all benefits of The Collective+ for just




Scholarship pricing available for special preaching circumstances. 

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I find my best sermon prep is a mix of collaboration (dialogue with preachers and other disciples) and solitary work (research, writing, and prayer). The BsP Collective gives me a great framework and opportunity for each of these dimensions, while encouraging me deeper into my own “backstory” of spiritual journey.
— Ellen A.