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Want to improve your preaching?

You will when you join the hundreds of preachers who are benefiting right now from Backstory Preaching.

Backstory Preaching exists to provide the support and ongoing education preachers need to keep growing, improving, and thriving in the pulpit.

Backstory Preaching® has made me a better preacher.
— Mitch Tollett

Reduce stress.

Experience sermon prep as a gift, not a chore.

Write better and faster.

Keep your listeners engaged and wanting more.

And finish by Friday so you can reclaim your weekend.


Develop your preaching skills through emphasis on craft and spirituality. 

Choose eCourses, short-term group workshops, one-to-one coaching, and even an in-depth, yearlong mentorship.

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Backstory Preaching is having a great impact on my preaching, and I can see the difference in my sermons.

Preaching is an academic exercise combined with intuitive leadership. It’s personal and corporate, performance and proclamation. It’s art in action — spiritual, risky, and sometimes so vulnerable it’s scary. No one graduates entirely ready for the pulpit.

Whether you graduated from seminary or another program, the classroom isn’t quite like clergy life. Schedules, budgets, late night demands, and early morning meetings can turn your ministry from life-giving to life-draining. It’s hard to become effective without help.

That's why Backstory Preaching exists. Get started now. 


Become a better preacher.

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