Amazon #1 New Release!

Backstory Preaching: Integrating Life, Spirituality, & Craft

by Lisa Cressman

  #1 New Release in Christian Preaching on  Amazon !

#1 New Release in Christian Preaching on Amazon!

"You just have to trust me, and go right out and get this book. It's the most transformational book on the topic of preaching in, well, a long, long, time. You don't need any more "tips." You need a whole new way of looking at the work of preaching. One that makes sermon preparation a part of your prayer life instead of part of your to-do list. Backstory Preaching by Lisa Cressman does that."

—Rev. Dr. Micah T.J. Jackson, President of Bexley-Seabury Episcopal Seminary in Chicago




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Want to improve your preaching?

 Grow, improve, and thrive in the pulpit when you join hundreds of preachers who are benefiting right now from Backstory Preaching's resources.

Backstory Preaching® has made me a better preacher.
— Mitch Tollett

DevElop your preaching skills through emphasis on craft and spirituality

Reduce stress.

Experience sermon prep as a gift, not a chore.

Write better and faster.

Keep your listeners engaged and wanting more.

And finish by Friday so you can reclaim your weekend.

Backstory Preaching is having a great impact on my preaching. I can see the difference in my sermons.


No one graduates entirely ready for the pulpit—yet few resources exist to support preachers after Seminary.


That's why Backstory Preaching was created.