Sermon Camp Is Here!

Based on our Popular Bootcamps, Sermon camp goes deeper and Runs longer to help you make lasting change.


August 6th to September 11th, 2018

Tuesdays* at 12:00 p.m. EST 

(live sessions recorded)

*Begins with a one-week, accelerated introduction to our 5-day process.

Continues with weekly check-ins for five weeks thereafter. 

Join Sermon Camp & Discover a Process that returns the joy to preaching

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Sometimes you wonder if there's a better way to prepare your sermons. 

But it's hard to know where to start and how to make change that matters—and lasts

BsP's Sermon Camp provides the roadmap and structure you need to set up a better process

The bootcamp experience was life-changing for me and an answer to prayer.
— Andria S.

Rooted in prayer and best practices, the tools you'll receive in Summer Camp will re-invigorate your spirituality and bring you closer to being the preacher you long to be.

Join BsP's Sermon Camp, and you'll:

  • receive expert guidance from your preaching mentor
  • participate virtually from anywhere
  • discover new insights about the Scripture and your preaching
  • learn preaching strategies you'll be able to apply this week and every week
  • experience your sermon prep as respite 
  • enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues during coaching sessions and on our private Facebook page
  • learn how to finish your sermon by Friday!

This course has been great. I’ve been feeling “fed” more in prayer and Scripture...My weeks feel more peaceful...I am getting more spontaneous feedback on preaching from listeners, all of it good.

Take advantage of the transition from summer to fall to revamp your preaching perspective and process. By the time fall activities begin in earnest, you'll have established a new process, schedule, and approach to preaching that will make sermon prep a time you look forward to each week.

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held virtually So you can Participate from anywhere

Weekly sessions recorded in case you can't make it.

  • Kickoff Week: Meets Daily August 6-10, 2018 at Noon EST

  • Tuesdays, August 14th to September 11th, 2018, at noon EST

Based on our eCourse, Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday, Sermon Camp provides an ideal combination of face-to-face meetings online, independent practice, and interactive Facebook support.

How does it work?

  • Once registered, you'll receive information from your mentor, a detailed calendar, and Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday.
  • During Kickoff Week (August 6-10th), you'll meet online daily for an accelerated introduction to the process  (includes BsP's 5-Day Accelerated Video Roadmap) to learn the process to craft a meaningful sermon on your own schedule.
  • For the next five weeks, we'll meet live online one hour each week for Q&A, office hours, and additional teaching as you work through the chapters of the eCourse and begin implementing the principles you're learning.
  • BONUS: you'll be invited to join a private Facebook group with additional resources for mutual support around the clock.
write a sermon for Christmas

Valued at $1400

Get your Preaching reboot for $299


What's included?

  • 9+ hours of live instruction and support with the Rev'd Lisa Cressman, D.Min., Mentor, Founder and Steward of Backstory Preaching, Preaching Instructor, Speaker, and Author of Backstory Preaching: Integrating Life, Spirituality and Craft (The Liturgical Press: Collegeville, 2018).
  • BsP's eCourse Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday (PDF format)
  • BsP's 5-Day Video Roadmap for Busy Preachers (accessed via private Facebook page)
  • Access to a private Facebook group during Camp to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, share challenges and successes, and build community with like-minded preaching professionals


Backstory Preaching is helping me engage a more effective process of diving into the Scriptures and coming up with a sermon that feels truly inspired.

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