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At Backstory Preaching, we want to be of service to all preachers, regardless of means. 

We understand that some preaching circumstances may make membership in The Collective/+ financially prohibitive, so we are offering special scholarship pricing to those who need it. 

We are trusting the goodwill of our members to utilize this gift appropriately.

Every 6 months, you will be asked if your circumstances have changed or if you are still in need of the scholarship discount. Please help us be good stewards of Backstory Preaching's resources. 

Please submit the form below to let us know the reason for your need.

Once submitted, a coupon code will appear on this page below the buttons. Enroll using the buttons below and enter the coupon code when prompted to secure the pricing indicated. 

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Regular price: $24.99

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Regular price: $39.99

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