Free Christmas Retreat Guide for Preachers: Renew Your Own Spirit After Renewing Others’

Download your free guide  now.

Download your free guide now.

You’re working hard to prepare for your Christmas services:


Altar guild squabbles!

And Christmas pageants!

Oh, my!

And it’s not like your congregation’s pastoral needs take a break for the holidays.

You still have hospital visits, funerals, and conversations in the hallway that will “only take a minute, Pastor.” All of these people need and deserve your undivided, compassionate attention.

You likely also have loved ones in your life who require your time and attention.

Decorating the Christmas tree, planning festive meals, and looking for that exact special something for that special someone—all are wonderful and lovely activities.

Yet all of these worthy investments require your finite time and energy.

And have you noticed I haven’t even mentioned preaching? In the midst of it all, and through it all, and sometimes in spite of it all, you also have to prepare your sermons.

When’s a preacher to breathe?

How will you celebrate Christmas in your spirit? How will you birth the incarnation of God’s spirit in your own flesh?

A Guided, Christmas Retreat for Preachers

Word born, News rejoiced.

Emptied nave, silent echoes.

The babe, come, and yet…

Christmas is a glorious feast, and yet it can leave us drained, longing for a few minutes alone with that sleeping baby boy.

We, too, need to fall on our knees to adore God.

But we need to do so away from church, away from the choirs of angels, away from everyone who needs something from us.

To help you renew your spirit, I’ve created a stay-at-home, guided retreat you can “take” on any quiet day during Christmastide. Designed to accommodate your choice of three schedules—one hour, three hours, or six—this retreat will guide your feet into the way of peace.

To enjoy your retreat:

  1. Block off 1 hour, 3, or 6 in your calendar

  2. Download and print the guide

  3. Gather a journal and pens

  4. Find a space that feels like respite (your home by the fire, a favorite coffee shop, etc.)

  5. Follow the prompts and exercises in your guide

There are seven exercises including silence, prayer, Lectio Divina, an Ignatian story exercise, creative expressions, and poetry to enjoy.

You’ll rest, quiet the spinning of your mind, delight in the season, & feel reaffirmed in your calling.

Madeleine L’Engle wrote:

“The Nativity is a time to take courage. How brave am I? Can I bear, without breaking apart, this extraordinary birth?”

I hope you’ll find the courage and time to bear the Christ-child yourself so you can bear your extraordinary vocation to minister and preach.

Merry Christmas,

Lisa Cressman+

Founding Steward, Backstory Preaching

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