Summer Preaching Reboot: How to take the stess, Tedium, & Procrastination out of your Preaching life

summer preaching reboot lake mountains camp.jpg

Do you ever ask yourself

these questions?



do I think I should be as a preacher?



am I going to find Good News this week?

How about the next?

And the next?



do I preach?

After years in the pulpit,

do I even remember?



can I do my prep when it's not

in the cracks and margins of my time or at the last minute?



What if you knew you'd find new insights in the Scripture, even on your hundredth reading?

What if you knew what needed to be done each day to ensure your sermon was written by Friday?

What if you had a process and schedule you could count on every week to take the stress, tedium, and procrastination out of your sermon prep?

What if sermon prep became a joy—even a respite—rather than a weight hanging over your head all week? 


BsP believes it's possible.

Summer Camp for Preachers

will show you how.


Who's Summer Camp for?

  • Preachers who want to be inspired by Scripture again
  • Preachers who want a process that is life-giving rather than draining
  • Preachers who want to be more intentional about their time and schedule
  • Preachers who want to be more effective in the pulpit
  • Preachers who want the opportunity to discuss ideas and problems with other preachers

Whether you're new to the pulpit and want to set up good preaching habits, or you've been around the pulpit a while and want the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into old preaching lungs, Summer Camp was made for you.


Where is Summer Camp?

Online! Participate from anywhere you have internet access.


What will you take from Summer Camp? 

By the end of Summer Camp, you'll know how to:

  • Shift Your Mindset & Overcome the Obstacle of PerfectionismMove your focus from product to prayer.
  • Prepare Yourself for Sermon PrepCultivate an environment and routine you enjoy.
  • Go DeepApply Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, and Contemplatio to sermon prep to discover new wonders, mysteries, and insights in Scripture (no matter how many times you've read the passage!)
  • Offer Good News You KnowLet the sermon preach in your life before you preach to your listeners
  • Write More Clearly & EfficientlyDiscover writing tips and tricks you can apply immediately to improve your clarity and impact.
  • Revise Your Sermon with PurposeEnsure your sermon says what you mean.
  • Get Ready for Fall: Set up your calendar by day, week, and month for prayer and sermon-prep time.
Backstory Preaching helped me to be intentional about my time for prayer and sermon prep this week, to engage Scripture for my soul as well as my sermon, and to preach sermons that specifically and consistently invite people to love, heal and grow in Christ.


How does Summer Camp work?

Based on our eCourse, Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday, and our sold-out Sermon Bootcamps, Summer Camp provides an ideal combination of face-to-face meetings online, independent practice, and interactive Facebook support to help you revamp your sermon prep process over the slower months of summer.

By the time church life kicks off its Fall activities, you'll have established a new process, schedule, and approach to preaching that will make sermon prep a time you look forward to each week

  • A week before camp, you'll receive Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday in your inbox
  • The first week, we'll meet live online for one hour each day, Monday through Friday, to learn the process to craft a meaningful sermon on your own schedule.
  • For the next seven weeks, we'll meet live online one hour each week for Q&A, office hours, and additional teaching.
  • BONUS: you'll be invited to join a private Facebook group for mutual support around the clock. 


Summer Camp is structured to help you truly absorb the concepts so you can successfully create the new habits you want to stick.


      What's included?

      • 12 hours of live instruction and support with the Rev'd Lisa Cressman, D.Min., Mentor, Founder and Steward of Backstory Preaching, and Adjunct Faculty in Preaching at Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, TX
      • BsP's eCourse Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday (PDF format)
      • Access to a private Facebook group during Camp to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, share challenges and successes, and build community with like-minded preaching professionals


      When is Summer Camp? 

      Summer Camp kicks off the week of May 22nd and continues through July 11th, 2017. 

      Choose either the Daytime or Evening section for live, online meetings AND enjoy a private Facebook Group whenever you need help or support!


      Meet Daily for Kickoff Week (May 22 - 26) to learn the process to craft a meaningful sermon on your own schedule: 

      • Daytime Section: Monday-Friday, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. CST (4:00 EST; 2:00 MT; 1:00 PT)

      • Evening Section: Monday-Friday, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. CST (8:30 EST; 6:30 MT; 5:30 PT)


      Then Meet Weekly for 7 Weeks (May 30 - July 11, except July 4th) for Q&A, office hours, and additional teaching as you work through one eCourse lesson/week:

      • Daytime Section: Tuesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. CST

      • Evening Section: Tuesdays, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. CST


      (Sessions will be recorded and available for a limited time.)


      How much does Summer Camp cost?


       The real value of 12 hours of mentor time plus the eCourse plus the Facebook group is 

      over $1400. 


      However, we've structured Summer Camp so we can offer it for

      just $299.00


      BONUS: Register by April 30th and get an additional 10% off,

      bringing the total for the entire package to

      only $269.00


         Don't wait! 

        Space is limited, and we've sold out of our recent Bootcamp offerings.


          Make this the summer you learn how to manage your preaching life rather than being managed by it.

          The result? 

          A new prayerful, prioritized approach to sermon prep that's more effective and efficient—with less stress.


          Hope to see you there so I can help you Be Good News to Preach Good News,