Pray Your Easter Sermon Into Being: A Sermon Prep Resource for Less Stress

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We've all been there.

  • Sometimes sermon prep feels stressful, particularly during busy weeks like Holy Week and Easter.
  • Some weeks, we procrastinate until we find ourselves scrambling at the eleventh hour to put together a sermon message. 
  • And too often, thoughts of What am I going to say? take up residence in our minds until we finally put the period on our final sentence.

Discerning a message and prepping a sermon amidst the other demands of preaching is a challenge. 

That's why we're offering this free guide to a process that will transform your sermon prep from work to respite—all while helping you discern a transformative message for your listeners. 

Last week, we introduced BsP's lectio divina sermon prep process in the post "What if You Never Had to Search for a Sermon Message Again?"


In this guide, we go deeper to help you implement each step of the 5-day process.


Based on our eCourse Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday and our (sold out!) Holy Week and Easter Sermon Bootcamps, this guide outlines the process foundational to our mission:

To help preachers integrate their spirituality and preaching craft,

resulting in more effective sermons. 


Download the "BsP Guide to Lectio Divina for Weekly Sermon Prep" to streamline your process and pray your sermon into being.


And if you haven't already, I encourage you to make two appointments each day during Holy Week. Write on your calendar:

  • One hour for prayer
  • One hour for sermon prep through lectio divina

Protect and guard that time with God as a gift to yourself and those you serve, for the proclamation of the Gospel. 

We believe you'll find your sermon prep will become more respite than work.


We want you to enjoy the process of discerning God's Word for your people! Download our free guide, and see what a difference prayer and a little guidance make this week.


Be Good News to Preach Good News,


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