Easter Inspiration to Guide Your Eastertide Preaching

Easter Quotations, 2019, cover.jpg

Available for you is this updated collection of Easter quotes for 2019 to help shape you and your preaching throughout the season.

I am particularly drawn to a poem I added to this year’s collection: “The Gift” by Mary Oliver, who met the fullness of God’s light and life this year. (What does she write about now? Just imagine!)

“The Gift” describes a mockingbird who, after being exposed to the music by Ms. Oliver and listening intently, learned to sing a little Mahler.


The poem prompts me to ask: What would happen were we to listen as intently—bodies still, heads cocked, with single-minded and single-hearted devotion?

What might happen were we to learn a few more notes of God’s song of resurrection?

What few notes might we add to our own song of being healed, set free, unafraid?

And then, what might happen were our new notes to be sung from the pulpit?

I invite you to listen to the hum of resurrection in the words of the writers in this collection. Listen well—body, mind, and heart still—and devote your whole being to learn.

Listen and learn to sing these words of light, life, and holy laughter.

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