A Gift for Preachers as You Prepare Your Easter Sermons

"The Easter story, rightly understood, enables us to engage evil and suffering, transmute it for constructive ends, and move forward in hope to God’s future and our own." 

-J. Deotis Roberts

Dear Fellow Preacher,

We constantly lead, serve, minister, pastor, preach, teach, and feed.

We’re pretty much on call most days of the year, and we work every religious holiday.

As preachers, we can get so caught up in planning the liturgies, deciding when to swing the incense or chime the bells, and crafting sermons equally suitable for our “regulars” and “C and E’s,” that we sometimes forget the Resurrection is for us, too.    

I offer this collection of Easter quotations as a gift not only to enliven your preaching imagination when you prepare your Easter sermon in another week, but as balm for your own spirit. 

Find a few minutes to yourself. Perhaps pour your favorite cup of coffee or tea and sit in your favorite spot. Savor this rich collection of Easter wisdom, humor, and insight so you will remember that you, too, are included in God’s most saving grace. 

Be taught by these words so you may teach them. 

Be served by them so you may serve all entrusted to your care. 

And hear them so you may in turn proclaim them with all your heart.

May God bless you abundantly—and through you, may God magnify the greatest news humanity has ever received: The Lord is risen!

Alleluia indeed.

Be Good News to Preach Good News,