The Preacher's Planner

Created by preachers for preachers, this planner brings the preacher's schedule, spirituality, reflection, and growth into one place. Simply print the PDF for a binder, folder, or clipboard. 

Current Season: Advent and Christmas

Month View with Season Themes.png

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Schedules

  • Weeks are oriented Monday to Sunday since preachers work toward Sunday sermons
  • Month view with prompts to set intentions for month and to reflect on successes and challenges
  • Daily planner with hourly schedule and space to identify day's priorities 
Lectionary View.png

Entire Season's Lectionary (RCL)

  • Entire RCL laid out for season: one page for Advent, one page for Christmas
  • Includes all texts by date
  • Space to take notes on each lesson for season so you can see themes and the "big picture"
Day View with Task Lists and Awe.png

Space for Task Lists, Reflection, Goals, and notes

  • Task lists to get all your to-do's out of your brain and onto the page
  • Space to reflect on your previous sermon to support growth and learning
  • Prompts to set a preaching intention for your next sermon
  • Storyboards, dot journal, and open space for notes
  • Places to record gratitude and to cultivate awe and wonder
Lectio Notes.png

Follows BsP's 5-Day Process Based on Lectio Divina so You Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday

  • Pray your sermon into being through Lectio Divina for sermon prep
  • Includes an introduction and guide to help you quickly incorporate BsP's 5-day process into your week
  • Provides pace for reflections/notes as you work through lectio, meditatio, oratio, and contemplatio to define your semon's message
  • Incorporates prompts to identify your sermon's belief statement, hope statement, and the human condition they address

The Preacher's Planner for Advent & Christmas is yours free as a thank you for working with Backstory Preaching in 2017.

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