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September 17-21, 2018

4:30-5:30 p.m. EST

(All online. All sessions recorded.)

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Develop an Effective Stewardship Sermon You Believe in By Friday!

Deal with your discomfort talking about the "M" word ("Money").

Break free of the untruth that your sermon "makes or breaks" pledges of time, talent, or treasure.

Examine and refine your theology of stewardship so you feel inspired to preach with clarity, courage, & confidence.

BONUS: Learn a new approach you can use every week for sermon prep with more joy and less stress!

The Holy Spirit brought together a group...of faithful preachers who supported and edified one another to write sermons in a timely, spirit-breathed fashion, that allowed those who reported back to truly enjoy not only the writing and preparation process, but also the proclamation of our sermons and the worship services themselves.
— Matthew M., Holy Week & Easter Bootcamp Participant

Join BsP's Stewardship Sermon Bootcamp and you'll:

  • face your stewardship discomfort, fears, and insecurities head on
  • develop a message you believe in and feel excited to preach
  • receive expert guidance from your preaching mentors
  • discover new insights about the Scripture and your preaching
  • enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues during daily coaching sessions
  • learn preaching strategies you'll be able to apply not only this week but every week
  • write your sermon in real time through the week so you're finished by Friday!
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Meets Online 1 hour/week

Monday, 9/17, to Friday, 9/21, at 4:30 p.m. EST

Discover the Good News of Stewardship in a fun and focused time of preparation, resulting in aN Inspiring message that Connects.

write a sermon for Christmas
  • Spend 1 hour/day meeting online with your mentor and colleagues
  • Spend 1 hour/day in personal prayer, scripture study, & sermon prep time on your own
  • Receive a schedule, daily guidance, and feedback as you go
  • Learn new strategies for finding the heart of your message
  • Have your sermon ready to deliver by Friday
  • Enjoy your stewardship preaching!

What would you preach about stewardship if you weren't afraid to say it?

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